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Sacramento Career GPS – Navigate Your Future

In the early morning of any ordinary Wednesday, warning bells were more silent than usual as students gathered for a different type of school day.  Not just one that is as routine as every other day, but one that gathers the strength of multiple schools to learn more about life after it.

Held at the CalExpo in Sacramento, schools from far and wide combine as more than 8,000 students roam career  specific buildings that hold information on their future endeavors. From Information Technology, to Entrepreneurship & Finance, to building 4 where you’ll find a booth held by Sutter Health & Gurnick Academy – where you find us.IMG_0433

Students roamed through our station to learn more about the possibilities of the medical field and it’s many opportune careers. Ranging from Medical Assistants and Nurse Assistants to the more popular Vocational Nurses and Radiology Technologists, students gathered to learn more about what we offer and how we partner with community hospitals to ensure proper training in their respective chosen field.
IMG_0441The medical field isn’t meant for everyone and you must hold the ability to care for others to ensure not only their safety but their wellness long after they have left your care. Granted, every job has there ups and downs, but the ups of someone in the medical field can be life changing. In the end, the students go about their days knowing that there’s a career field specifically geared for the better liveliness and quality life of each other.


Modesto Campus is hosting a Blood Drive

On Friday, October 30th a blood drive will take place at our Modesto Campus. This blood drive is in collaboration with Delta Blood Bank. Anyone who would like to join the event to learn more or to register may call (209) 521-1821.

*For individuals who are seventeen and older and are in good general health. A valid photo ID with date of birth is required.

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For more information about Delta Blood Bank visit