10 Things New Nursing Students Need to Know!

Things new Nursing Students should know that’ll help them get through!

Being a new student is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re a student of a highly hands on profession. Not only must you be skilled in your craft but you need to be personable and outgoing too. Below are a few things that will help you along your away to being the most amazing Nursing Student ever!

1. It’s okay to be nervous & scared
• Being nervous & scared doesn’t mean you’re going to do horrible. You’re not alone in this and chances are, your peers are feeling just the same as you. They might just hide it better with all the excitement.
• Use this commonality and befriend your peers who are on this roller coaster with you. They’ll become an amazing support system and you guys can share the load together.

2. You’re not going to know everything
• Even when you’ve studied all that you could, you’re never going to know every situation and how things will play out. Learn from it the first time and move on.
• It’s okay if you don’t know something and admit it. You’re there to learn just like everyone else.
• Ask questions, constantly. What better way to learn and understand the practice than asking the ones who’ve experienced it.

3. Be confident & personable
• Don’t apologize for doing your job. Supporting others for a living is a hard things to do.
• You are going to be meeting a lot of people as a nurse. Whether it’s the patient that comes in, their families, or even new doctors and professionals around the work place.

4. Being tired is normal
• The days will get long and the nights even longer, but don’t fret. Once you become the nurse you dreamed off, that’s when the real journey starts.

5. Be as resilient as you can be!
• Sometimes, quitting will seem like the only option to do, it’s not. Keep pushing through, know your efforts and time is not lost and push through until the end. You got this.
• There will be tasks that scare you at first, maybe you will freeze the first time you’re asked to do something, but it’s okay. As I stated before, learn from the first time and move on.

6. You’re going to meet some unhappy people
• Don’t let them get to you. Keep doing the amazing work you know you’re capable of.
• Physicians will be in your case, it’s normal. You can learn from their interactions.

7. Find your resources & use them!
• We’re all super human in our own right but we can’t do everything alone. Find the resources necessary for you to succeed and make sure you can access them when and how you need to. Your teachers, your staff, Google even. Don’t be afraid to utilize what you have available to you.

8. Restroom breaks are gold (while on externships)
• While you’re taking care of everyone around you, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

9. Don’t forget to eat either
• This can go along with the restroom breaks. Make sure you’re taking good care of yourself.

10. Don’t forget what you came here to do
• You are a nursing student. You are about to or already have embarked on a journey that leads to helping and caring for people during their time of need.

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